Princess Guide to Dating

Aaron Twitchen: Princess Guide to Dating

Ok, so before I start I want to clear a few things up.

1. This show is not waving the flag for feminism.

2. In any way.

3. At all.

Right now we’ve got that out of the way, we may continue.

As someone who is generally irritated by fairy tales, princesses and Disney. I really enjoyed this show. It was light hearted, fun and the comic’s lovely, friendly attitude made up for any of the obvious stereo-typing that the show relied heavily on.


We begin with an introduction to our princesses who, along with Aaron’s unfortunate flatmates, are used to guide us to dating delight. Along the way we make stop overs with Disney, some real-life royalty and a Princess of Pop. This show is definitely unbridled camp. Aimed quite acutely at the hererosexual woman, there are wigs, boy-band dancing, and a range of cheesy pop music which should only be acceptable at a student union bar. But the thing about this show (in fact all of Aaron’s shows, I have indeed stopped by to watch before) is that they end with a touching message. And this one did too. I’ll leave you to discover it for yourself. 

As part of the free fringe, Aaron’s show is an excellent feel-good show in a great venue. Drinks are reasonable and the timing is good. Plus, he is a sweet heart! So if you’re feeling a little low / you’ve just been dumped you / you’ve had one internet dating fail too many give it a go. You might just leave feeling quite a lot better!

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