La Clique

La Clique comes with a hefty price tag of twenty quid per ticket, but with excellent reviews it seemed like a perfect treat for my girlfriend’s parents whilst they were in town! We rocked up to its opening night at half past nine and the queue was already weaving it’s way down George Street. If you’re keen to invited up onto stage to be part of the show you need to be in the inner circle and so make sure that you turn up early. You can grab a drink for one of the many nearby bars, so you’ll be kept entertained. Unfortunately there seemed to be a number of difficulties turning the venue around and so we waited outside until about quarter past ten.

The show is performed in the beautiful Spiegeltent which looked like pure luxury. Unfortunately the seats were not. Scratchy, stiff and too close together I would recommend heading to the end of the aisle for any of you on the tall side and leaving your best tights at home.

The show opened with a performance from their excellent jazz band. A vibrant performance showcasing each of the individual musician who feature subtly in the rest of the performance. This was followed by their opening act…

I mean seriously that’s weird right? The giant rabbit jumped about the stage, munched on carrots, did the tiniest bit of singing, but the majority of his act seemed to revolve around holding up a giant sign saying ‘gay’ which received a bundle of laughs. I just did not get it. The bunny simply didn’t seem to have an act. The gags all relied on the performer being an older man, who was gay, very camp, and wearing a bunny suit. None of which seemed funny. Just bizarre.

Fortunately, this weird act was followed by some wonderful. There were the couple who performed complex lifts whilst roller-skating (for those of you puzzled, think ‘Dancing on Ice’ style), and whilst not for the faint hearted they did ask for some audience participation. A stripping trapize artist and a beautiful burlesque act. And a magician with a tiny chihuahua (he get points simply for his puppy!).

Puppy Points! Photo by Diamond Geyser

Puppy Points!

Photo by Diamond Geyser

This show was good. But controversially, considering it’s fantastic reviews, I really don’t think worth the hefty price tag!


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