The Gay Agenda is Proud: Hazel

This week, in the lead up to Glasgow Pride, we decided to interview some of our writers to find out what Pride means to them!

What’s your name, age and where do you come from?

Hi, I’m Hazel, I’m 23 and I’m originally from London, although I now live in Edinburgh.

Why did you get involved in the Gay Agenda?

I really admire some of the fabulous blogs out there aimed at queer women like The Most Cake, Autostraddle, Fuck Yeah Dykes and Diva. They inspired me to want to be part of the amazing online queer community which has bloomed over the last few years!

What do you write about?

I do a bit of everything! But mainly I write about current affairs, collate and I edit.

What do you do in real life?

I currently work in inclusive education at the University of Edinburgh.

Mug cinema 2

Why is Pride important to you?

I have always been keen for Pride. I remember my first ever Pride in London, I met up with a friend beforehand and we stood at the side of the road and watched the march pass by. Although I only watched that year I felt part of a  vibrant community, had a wonderful day, and couldn’t wait to be a part of the march at my next pride. At that time I didn’t really understand the historical significance of Pride, but I knew it was about celebrating a community I could be part of, and that was good enough. It’s been many years now since my first pride, and I have learned a ton about queer history and have given a few talk on it. It is still important to me as an experience that can bring queer people together to celebrate our community, but it’s also important as a protest to the homo-, trans*- and bi- phobias that we experience every day.

What is your best and worst part of pride?

I love Pride for the space it gives queer communities to celebrate ourselves! It’s always been a happy day for me. The worst however, is the bit in between the march and the nightlife where there is not a lot to do, but no real point in going home.

What’s your must-have item for Pride?

A big bottle of water. I am a big fan of chanting in the march, and I always shout myself hoarse.

If you had a placard for Pride what would it say?

I have made a lot of placards, and it’s always tough to think of slogans! But I like something simple like ‘love is love’.

What’s you Pride soundtrack?

Best ever Pride you’ve been to?

Although I’ve been to lots of prides up and down the country, my favourite Pride is still London Pride. It was my first ever Pride, and I try and make sure I’m in town whenever it is.

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