The Gay Agenda is Proud: Denise

This week, in the lead up to Glasgow Pride, we decided to interview some of our writers to find out what Pride means to them!

What’s your name, age and where do you come from?

Hi, I’m Denise *Waves* I’m almost 25 and I come from Glasgow.

Why did you get involved in The Gay Agenda?

I wanted to get involved as I feel that sometimes women in the Queer community have less of a voice than we should have (unfortunately), and I liked the idea to have a small chance to do something about that. Any opportunity to work with strong and inspirational women is fabulous in my opinion anyway.

What do you write about?

Anything that bothers me! I like having the opportunity to reflect on current affairs and how queer women are actually affected by certain issues. I’m also going to be writing some pieces for the music section of the website. There will be some reviews, fun articles and maybe even some interviews. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about what you’d like to see in this section, please comment and let me know!

Pride t-shirt

What do you do in real life?

In real life, I’m currently studying for a PhD in chemistry. I also run the LGBT society at Strathclyde university.

Why is Pride important to you?

Pride is important because it shows that the LGBT community is strong and united. Although things are becoming much better for LGBT people in our country, we can still face a lot of adversity in our daily lives. Pride shows that we aren’t afraid to celebrate who we are, and that we will stand together and never stop fighting for equal rights, no matter what is thrown at us. It’s also fantastic for newly out people to feel supported and part of a large community of people who are just like them. Coming out can be a scary and lonely experience, so it’s important for people to feel like they are not alone.


What is your best and worst part of pride?

The best part is the general atmosphere. Everyone is happy and proud, you have an awesome day with your friends no matter what the weather is doing and I love seeing the smiles on the faces of the people who stand on the streets and watch the parades! The worst part is probably the queues in bars afterwards – both to get a drink and to go to the toilet!

What is your must-have item for Pride?

I think my must-have item is probably a pride flag! I found 3 in my cupboard when I moved house recently.

If you had a placard for Pride what would it say?

Hmm I dunno, “Cover me in chocolate and feed me to the lesbians!” I don’t know if my girlfriend would approve of that one though! If I was going to make a serious one it would probably be something about the horrendous situation in Russia.

What’s your Pride soundtrack?

Good Question! There’s not any music that I’m particularly “into” that I associate with pride. Probably the sort of really cheesy music they tend to have in clubs; songs like “I am what I am” always remind me of Pride, but it’s not really what I’d choose to listen to.

Best ever Pride you’ve been to?

In 2010 I went to Brighton Pride and it was actually the first Pride I’d ever been to. It was amazing and I’d really love to go back there at some point.

Denise Brighton

What are you proud of?

I’m proud of the LGBT society and the things we have achieved since 2011. It can be hard at times but it does make me feel really proud when a student thanks you and tells you that you have made a difference to their university experience. I am also proud of having a really amazing and supportive network of friends and family.

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