Who we are!

Hi all. I’m Stefani, a journalism student living in Glasgow. I love any music with a heavy guitar and drum beat – there are not enough queer women in rock. I enjoy being very critical of the media and rant too much. I tend to focus on queer visibility on our television and film screens, and between the pages of our books and comics. *cough*I love pop culture way too much*cough*

Hi, I’m Mel. I’m a queer German femme currently going to uni in Scotland to become a crazy scientist. I’m a fan of feminism, science, new technology, volunteering, puns, pugs, and reading as much as I can to learn about and make sense of the world around me. Also, I run a lot. You can expect posts on a whole variety of topics from me!

Hello my name is Rhianna. I’m 25 and I’m studying equality and human rights in Glasgow. When I’m not ranting about everything that’s wrong with the world I can be found reading fiction and drinking coffee. My favourite author is Jasper Fforde and my favourite band is Half Man Half Biscuit. If you think I’m funny I’m probably just quoting one of them.

Hi I’m Hazel! I’m 23, originally from London, but now living and working in Edinburgh. This blog was my bright idea, because I don’t think there’s enough for queer UK based women on the internet, so I guess that makes me the founder! I have a whole ton of opinions and so I am planning on sharing some of them, but mainly I edit. I hope you enjoy what we have created :).


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