Fringe Agenda

The Edinburgh Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe comes to town every August. Those of our writers that are Edinburgh-based love to hate the festival. We like to moan about tourists and how it takes us 5 times longer to get anywhere, and how you can never get a table in your favourite cafe! But really, we love it. The shows are brilliant and the atmosphere the best it is all year. So this year we will be reviewing the best and the worst of the Edinburgh Fringe from our own queer perspective.

Follow on @edfringe

Follow on @edfringe

One thought on “Fringe Agenda

  1. deniselogue says:

    Hello all, Just a tip for any Glasgow based people heading to the Fringe this year – a box office as been set up for the month in Queen Street station, so you can actually buy your Fringe tickets in Glasgow before boarding the train to Edinburgh – that way you wont miss out at the last minute on the shows you really want to see!

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