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Oh hi, my name’s Sarah and I am one HAIRY MCLAIRY if you get what I mean… I’m sure I’ll speak some more about this furry –and sexy!- feature of mine in more detail in the near future but this will do for now. Thanks to having Wolverine as a father I am close to covered in the stuff and yes, unfortunately this includes a rather extensive moustache. Some call it ‘top lip hair’ but let’s be honest, it’s just a bad case of the good ol’ tash. I’d never really found the perfect quick fix remedy to rid me of my top lip fluff –waxing does happen every 2 weeks but sadly I need a top up of hair removal in between to keep it from looking too Freddie Mercury.

I mean we all love Freddie, but... Photo by:     kentarotakizawa:  http://bit.ly/15IE1g1

I mean we all love Freddie, but…

Photo by: kentarotakizawa: http://bit.ly/15IE1g1


I was taking a stroll through the beauty department of Harvey Nichols a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across a hair removal cream that kicks the arse of all others to date. Think no fishy whiffy and no burning sensation that gets your running to the nearest mirror to make sure you skin hasn’t peeled off yet. I give you… “Bliss Fuzz Off”! And the name’s a winner too. You slap it on using a rubber tip applicator –a slightly less messy way than having to mix part a with part b and adding a spatula to the mix and blah blah BLAH- leave it to do its thing, then scrape it off gently with the opposite ridged side of the applicator and ta da; moustache be gone! If I’m feeling wild I might even indulge in a sneaky Harry Potter style wand-swishing move right at that moment… And then about a week and a half later I’m taking out the big guns: the wax pot.

Photo by: Fadetowhite: http://bit.ly/141P8oC

Photo by: Fadetowhite: http://bit.ly/141P8oC

Just a heads up: if you’re even a teeny tiny bit sensitive to things I’d recommend doing a quick patch test, you might not want to leave this one for the full 10 minutes in case you end up with a serious case of hot lip for 3 hours afterwards and start wondering if your face is falling off. My second time was a winner, I left it on for 2-3 minutes, it tended to my extremely hardy hairs and there were no post-tash problems at all. The lesson here is LESS IS MORE PEOPLE.

If you don’t fancy a Harvey Nics jaunt you can grab one from Feel Unique (www.feelunique.com) -essentially my Mecca- for £15. Now fuzz off…

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