Style Agenda

This is what a lesbian looks like…

I’m sure we’ve all seen the various campaigns to dispel the myth of ‘what a lesbian looks like’: taking us away from various unfriendly misconceptions, whether it be the BHL (Big Hairy Lesbian) or the ‘wearer of comfortable shoes’ (thanks Mum!).

Red Spotty High-helled sandal

My most comfortable shoe…

Now, much as I am desperate to move away from the perception that women couldn’t possibly multi-task being queer and gorgeous all at the same time (silly us), I think it would be wrong to deny us our own style! (I mean all those times you looked around on a night out and realised everyone you came with is wearing Nike Hi-Tops and a checked shirt couldn’t be a coincidence right?).

The Fashion Agenda will look at what shared style brings to our sense of community and queer culture.

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